Maui Movers Yelp Review

Maui Movers did an excellent job and took a lot of stress out of an otherwise stressful situation.  The CEO, Dirk, communicated clearly and let me know what to expect throughout the whole transition.  He created expectations, defined timelines and created an estimate.
Not only did he come under budget but his team set up every piece of furniture delicately and with kuleana.  I didn’t have to be a dick and micromanage everything; the team had it and made my life so much easier.
Moving sucks.  Hire professionals like Maui Movers and take some of the suck out the equation.

June 2018
Maui Movers Yelp Review

Dirk and his men are second to none!  From the start, our move from Oahu to Maui, Dirk was extremely prompt in answering my calls and questions.  They were prompt on their arrival time to unload and not only professional and quick but personable too.  The men asked lots of questions as to where we wanted certain boxes and they were diligent in unpacking and getting us settled in.  We can’t thank them enough and highly recommend their service.  When you need moving services please trust my word – and I’m a perfectionist – Maui Movers is the one!  Happy to answer any questions, if needed, as well.
Happy Moving!
Mahalo Team Maui Movers!

Tammie D.
May 2018
Maui Movers Yelp Review

If you’re a high-maintenance, white person moving to Maui let me make your life a little easier.  THINGS GO SLOWER HERE.  If you’re going to challenge this phenomenon, you’ll lose.
After losing several times, I phoned Dirk, the CEO of Maui Movers.  He came to my house in the middle of a ******* jungle as it rained about 17″ per hour and gave me a swift verbal estimate.
He followed up within 24 hours with a written estimate and plan of attack while giving me a few things to think about as I moved my large, heavy Mainland furniture.
His team was phenomenal.  When I wanted to help, they very politely asked me to let them take care of it.  I had weird s#it, old s#it, awkward s#it and heavy s#it that needed to be moved.  They did it all without complaint and no need for instruction.  The proprietor is an antique collector and understands the importance of proper furniture handling.
Maui Movers has a tenured staff and the expertise so that your possessions are moved from point A to point B with the faint touch they deserve and the precision you want.  Don’t trust your belongings to two dudes with a pick-up truck.  Have Maui Movers get it done the right way and the fast way.

Rudolf B.
June 2018

Maui Movers Yelp ReviewHi! Just want to say that I used them 2 weeks ago for moving from a house to an upstairs condo/house. They were AWESOME! Very polite and the moving guys were great as well. Not only did they move my items quickly, but did it with a smile and addressed any of my concerns. Dirk hired the right guys! Thank you Dirk for working with me (you know what I mean) 🙂 It was difficult to have to move so quickly and Dirk was very understanding. That was so helpful when moving is so stressful. Thank you Dirk and Team!

Corinne A.
March 2016

Maui Movers Yelp ReviewI just want to say myself  and my wife want to give a BIG MAHALO  TO DIRK & HIS Gang for there quick and smooth moved to Hubert the foreman his crew Ken & Jeff what a Blessing you guys was very Humble and always a smile in everything  they did polite manner beyond we could aspect  we would used you guys  again and be sure to let Our Friends & Family  know Thank you Dirk and Maui Movers Maui no ka oi…….Aloha a hui hou…

Nalu C.
March 2016
Maui Movers Yelp ReviewDirk and his team were fast, efficient and courteous. We had used them to move our office and could not have been happier.

Sarah M.
January 2016
Maui Movers Yelp Review

These guys were awesome!

Dirk came to our house prior to us agreeing to have them do the move, explained how all of the charges worked, how many men would be there, and what time they could arrive. Our move was on a Saturday which some companies won’t even do, but Dirk and his crew showed up right on time, I think they were even a few minutes early. I don’t think the guys stopped working once, maybe to drink some water or something but they got right down to it. They drove the stuff to our new home and right away everything was quickly moved in. Another thing that was fantastic is they helped set up everything that needed to be put together. We have an L shaped couch that has a thing that connects it, a King Sized bead that has all of those kinds of parts that when I try to set it up myself I always have a few pieces left over that I’m not sure where they go, but these guys really knew what they were doing. They were fast, courteous, and respectful of our stuff, basically treated it as if it were their own, and that’s really all I could ask for. I don’t plan on moving again for a while but I would highly recommend them and will be using them again in the near future for some furniture orders I have had fright forwarded from the Mainland. A big thanks to Dirk and his crew for making our making our move that less stressful.

Mitch W.
August 2015
Maui Movers Yelp Review

Maui Movers is reasonable, reliable and ready

We recently moved from Waikapu to Wailuku, HI. At the last minute the company we had scheduled couldn’t commit to the move so I called Maui Movers. It was a Thursday and we needed to move on the upcoming Saturday. Dirk was very professional and gave me an estimate on the phone also told me what to expect and that there would be two men plus himself. They showed up on time and were very professional and friendly. They work safely and efficiently and always moved with a sense of urgency. Once the furniture was at the new house they were willing to move items to different areas at our request. They wanted us to be satisfied with the furniture placement. Dirk, Jeff and Herbert all worked as a team. Another reviewer mentioned Dirk only has one arm which is true but it didn’t slow him down he was always carrying something and stayed busy the entire time just like his employees. We were completely happy with the service provided by Maui Movers and would not hesitate to recommend them and will use them if we ever have another occasion to move. If you have an occasion to move Maui Movers is reasonable, reliable and ready!

Gary H.
August 2015


Maui Movers Yelp Review

Best Moving Experience on the Island!

Third time moving on Maui, and Dirk and his crew made it the BEST.
Previously used another company on the island and experience wasn’t so good.
Maui Movers worked quickly, efficiently and took extra care with my belongings–many of which are art and antiques.
Maui Movers took every request I made seriously and offered other suggestions when warranted.
Hopefully, I won’t be moving again, but if I do, I’ll call Dirk!

Tara M.
February 2015


Maui Movers Yelp Review

We made five major moves in the last 10 years

– California coast to the Sierras, back to Mendocino, then to Boulder, then to Maui, then back to the California coast. By far the hardest moves were to and from Hawaii. Here’s how we did it.

First, if you don’t have much stuff or can get rid of enough stuff, use a pod. But if you have more stuff, as we did, for the move to Maui, call Matson. They will deliver the containers wherever you want. You will need to hire local movers to load them. Then Matson will pick them up and deliver them to Maui, or whatever island you are moving to.

You have to hire a local Maui trucker to deliver them to your place. We used Kahului Trucking, which has very good drivers who know where they can park the container. They also have a moving service that will unload your stuff, which we used on the move in. They are OK, but Maui Movers would be better.

For the move from Maui, call Matson again. Also, you’ll need Kahului Trucking to get the containers to your place – Matson is not allowed to provide that service on Maui. Then call Maui Movers to load the containers. They are way cheaper than Island Movers or Royal Hawaiian, and Herb is a genius at loading the containers so your stuff can survive the 20′ waves it will encounter on the way to the West Coast. Once your stuff gets to the Coast, Matson will deliver the containers to your home. You will need to hire local movers to unload. In the San Francisco Bay Area, try Delancy Streeet Moving first. They always are terrific and price competitive.

I read the recent negative review of Maui Movers, and I must say that was a long way from our experience. Dirk offered to bid our job at a fixed price or a per-hour price. I took per-hour, because we had a difficult move involving two pick-up locations, and I believe taking the risk out of a miss-bid is better for both sides. Each day, agree with Dirk what time they arrived and what time they stopped, and you won’t be surprised by the bill.

We were very pleased with Maui Movers’ packing job. The guys were fast and competent, with a great attitude. They packed some expensive furniture and art works that we didn’t feel competent to tackle. All of our stuff made it the 2,500 miles to California without any breakage or problem. Highly recommended.

Michael M.
Maui to Santa Cruz
August 2014


To Dirk and Maui Movers staff,

I wanted to thank you for helping to make our permanent move to Maui from Arizona very smooth. Your guys, especially Herb, was brilliant at figuring
out how to load and transport the contents of our 40′ container to our home without any damage. We initially went with a different moving company before we found you and what a nightmare that was. We experienced nothing but flakiness, delays and shoddy service. You and your movers were like knights in shining armor after going through that and we could not have been happier. So happy in fact, you have helped us move three times now! I would never call anyone else for my moving services. Your truck works out perfect for small or very large moves and your staff are such hard working and smart guys. Thanks again and I highly recommend your company to anyone needing to hire a moving company.


Patrice Farner
Arizona to Maui!
May 2013


Maui Movers owned and operated by Dirk Reith is a professional moving service.

We recently moved to Maui from Washington, DC and feel extremely fortunate to have contracted the specialized services of Maui Movers.  Dirk Reith provided pre-moving assessment and strategy services by visiting our storage unit and our home in Wailuku Heights prior to moving day.  His meticulous attention to detail reassured me that I had in fact contracted a top notch professional moving service.  His assistants were extremely careful moving furniture and boxes which I greatly appreciated.  Dirk’s friendly and courteous personality coupled with his expertise and professionalism exudes trustworthiness and portrays the picture of a savvy businessman.  Maui Movers came highly recommended to us by our real estate agent, Jaime Woodburn of Sotheby’s.  I was extremely satisfied with Maui Movers and highly recommend their services.

AH Kivimae
October 2013